8 Things You Didn’t Know About Adam Bedi

Adam Bedi, an Indian actor, born in 1981 in USA. The actor has worked in many Bollywood films for which he got much recognition during his career life. He has worked in many popular movies, like; Lifeline which was released in 2017, and many more that are worth sharing. Also, he has worked in ‘Charas: A Joint Effort released in 2004, and ‘Viva Laughlin’ released in 2007. The actor is known for his dashing looks that make him appealing among the crowd. Undoubtedly, the actor flaunts his incredible acting skills. He is the person who has everything to flaunt but chooses not to show it. Well, this does not end here as we have compiled some unknown things you probably did not know about him.


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Adam Bedi

1- Associations in the Industry

You guys will be amazed to know that Adam Bedi is the son of the renowned, veteran actor, Kabir Bedi who got married to Melissa Anne Murphy, a resident of California, USA. His father got married twice, first with Protima Bedi from whom he has a daughter named Pooja Bedi, and later, married to Melissa.

2- Famous For

Adam Bedi is famous for appearing in the Bollywood film named ‘Charas: A Joint Effort’ which was released in the year 2004. In the film, he worked alongside Uday Chopra, Jimmy Shergil, and Irrfan Khan (late).

3- Married to…

A very few people know that the actor married a famed former model. And you will be surprised to know that he married Nisha Harale who is also an actress.

4- He & Seher Bedi

He has strong associations in the fashion industry as well as he is the cousin of Seher Bedi who is a well-known fashion designer who is married to Tina Bedi whom he has a daughter named Daria Bedi and she podcasts a YouTube show named Time Out.

5- He & Brinda Maira

Adam Bedi is the cousin of the world-famous Yoga instructor Brinda Maira who is also a spiritual healer. She is the daughter of Kabir Bedi’s sister Gulhima and the famed architect and artiste Shakti Maira.

6- Cousins Relations

Adam Bedi is the cousin of Adya Bedi who is also working as an actress. Also, he is the cousin of Ami Mehera who is the daughter of Ranga Bedi. And what’s more? Adam is the nephew of Ranga Bedi and Urmi Bedi. It seems he has many connections worldwide.

7- Tragic Phase of Life

Adam Bedi once suffered from a tragic phase of life. It was the time when he lost his brother named  Siddharth Bedi who passed away in the year 1997.

8- Hobbies

Besides acting, the actor has a love for music and he often spends his leisure time listening to his all-time-favorite music to refresh his mind.