8 Things You Didn’t Know About Guri Khattra

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Guri Khattra Biography

Guri Khattra is a rising Punjabi Artist in Punjabi Music Industry. He was born on 5th December 1992 in Patiala, Punjab, India. While his religion is Sikhism … Guri Khattra developed himself as a main and business productive Vocalist of Punjab Media. Guri Khattra has begun his singing debut in Melody Mashooq Fatte Chakri in 2016.

Guri Khattra

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Guri Khattra

1-  Guri Khattra Has Done His Graduation

He has completed his schooling from Government Multipurpose Senior Secondary School, Patiala and bachelor’s from CGI Campus Jalvehra, Sirhind, Fatehgarh, Punjab, India. He is a great Vocalist who has exceptional singing aptitudes.

2- Guri Khattra Started His Career Venture In 2016

He started his career debut in 2016 with his first song ‘Mashooq Fateh Chakri’, and he got fame in the year 2017 with his hit number song ‘Yaar Beli’.  However, he has other popular songs including Dooriyan, Jimmy Choo Choo, and Sohneya.

3- He Is Best Known For His Accountability

He is accountable for his singing profession, and he released his 8 songs from 26th January 2017 to 26th August 2017, instead of one album. He released each song on the 26th of every month.

4- He Is Passionate About His Fitness

Guri Khattra loves to enjoy doing exercises to keep himself fit and healthy. So, he visits the gym regularly.

5- Guri Khattra Likes To Do Adventures

He loves traveling, hanging out with friends, and he also enjoys sports adventures.

6- He Is Vegetarian And Loves To Live A Vegan Life

Although, he is a Punjabi and also Punjabi food lover, but believes in a vegan lifestyle for healthy living, and that’s why he is a pure vegetarian.

7-  Guri Khattra Is Single Yet, Focussing On His Career

He ended up celebrated the days with his remarkable Singing execution to his very own social event of individuals. We have seen a lot of people like his fans on his social media profile. Guri isn’t dating anyone till yet. He has no such plans as he is based on his singing calling. He is unmarried and getting a charge out of being a solitary man.

8- His Most Favorite Actors And Singers Of Bollywood

Guri Khattra’s most favorite actors of Bollywood are Sonakshi Sinha, Neeru Bajwa, Salman Khan, and Diljit Dosanjh. While in singers, he admires Babu Mann and Gurdas Mann.

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