8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kashmira Irani

Kashmira Irani Biography

Kashmira Irani, who is known as Kashu. She has worked in the Bollywood film and entertainment industry where she has acted in many projects. She got an amazing response from the viewers and it’s a huge honor for her. She has an ability to fit herself in each role and this quality led her to earn more gigs to work on. Still, she is looking forward to getting more unique roles so that she can prove herself as the best actress in Hindi cinema. Well, let’s know more about her by digging out some lesser facts!

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kashmira Irani

1- Kashmira Irani is in her 30s

Kashmira Irani is in her 30s as she was born on 25th July 1986 in Pune, Maharashtra, India. According to her date of birth, her age is 36. But she still looks younger.

2- She loves dancing

Whenever it comes to her passion and love, she always calls acting her first love and dancing is her second love. When she gets time, she loves practicing dance.

3- Kashmira Irani is a non-vegetarian

The actress is a non-vegetarian as she follows her healthy diet regime which contains a balanced portion of proteins and fats. Mostly, she takes green vegetables, salads, and green smoothies.

4- She loves eating Chicken items

The actress mostly enjoys eating chicken items and also loves pizza. Whenever she goes out, she tries out pizzas of different brands. It seems she is also a fast-food lover.

5- She gets inspiration from her seniors

When it comes to her real inspiration, Kashmira Irani never forgets to praise her all-time favorite actors, such as; Salman Khan and Kangana Ranaut.

6- She admires Rajkumar Hirani

When it comes to directorial skills, the actress Kashmira Irani never stops praising her most favorite director Rajkumar Hirani who is famous for her directorial film projects.

7- She loves enjoying food at her favorite restaurant

Kashmira Irani is a foodie person as she enjoys all types of food, especially, chicken items and pizza. Also, she loves enjoying dining at her favorite restaurant “Copa” which is located in Mumbai, India.

8- Kashmira Irani is an avid reader

Being an avid reader, Kashmira Irani loves reading books. She has a good collection of books on almost all genres she loves to read the most in her leisure time.

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